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About Us

There is no denying in the fact that chemicals are used almost everywhere in development of almost all products from machines to pharmaceuticals and many others. There is a vast range of chemicals that makes development of products easy. Bringing forth a range of such specializes chemicals which are used in making glass items, fiber, water treating solutions, medicines, stainless steel along with a host of others is Chengdu Beyond Chemical Co., Ltd.

We are a China based company having specialization in bringing forth chemicals like Lanthanum Carbonate, Cerium Oxide Polishing Powder, Praseodymium Nitrate, Thulium Nitrate and Lutetium Oxide. The variety of chemicals aforementioned is finely formulated, made using supreme ingredients and quality checked post production. For providing to customers quality best chemicals, we have developed our own quality testing unit in manufacturing facility. There are many tools and equipment that we have invested heavily upon so that quality checking is done accurately.

Industries We Serve In

At Chengdu Beyond Chemical Co., Ltd., we are one of the renowned companies engaged in offering many varieties of chemicals, all of which are well formulated. Since we are making different chemicals, thus we receive order from different companies. Most orders for Lanthanum Oxide, Cerium Oxide Polishing Powder, Erbium Oxide etc., are received from following industries bulleted below:
  • Alloy
  • Catalysis
  • Ceramic
  • Fiber
  • Glass
  • Laser Material
  • Magnetic Memory
  • Neutron Controlling Material
  • Pharmacy
  • Waste Water Treatment
Our Infrastructure

We have been able to serve a wide variety of chemicals in the Indian market to a huge customer base because of well-fitted facilities. We have our own manufacturing plant in Hollywood Plaza, Chengdu (China). In the plant, both modern and upgraded machines are fitted for production of Cerium Oxide Polishing Powder, Erbium Oxide and other chemicals.

Advantages of Dealing With Us
  • We make available many chemicals which find use in production of different goods
  • We are a modern company, growing by maintaining our technologies and retaining customers
  • We have all talented 60 employees to handle work, from production to delivery and customer service
  • We make delivery of ordered items on time
  • We deal in the best way possible and reply to enquiries on time.

Best Selling Products

Neodymium Oxide
  • TREO>%: 99
  • Nd2O3/REO>%: 99.99
  • L.O.I(1000℃1h)<%: 1
  • Fe2O3: 5
Europium Oxide
  • TREO>%: 99
  • Eu2O3/REO: 99.999
  • L.O.I(1000℃1h)<%: 1
  • Fe2O3: 2
  • CaO: 1
Terbium Oxide
  • TREO>%: 99
  • Tb4O7/REO>%: 99.99
  • L.O.I(1000℃1h)<%: 1
  • D50(μm): 4.2±0.7
  • Fe2O3: 2
Dysprosium Oxide
  • TREO>%: 99
  • Dy2O3/REO>%: 99.99
  • L.O.I(1000℃1h)<%: 1
  • Fe2O3: 5
Holmium Oxide
  • TREO>%: 99
  • Ho2O3/REO>%: 99.99
  • L.O.I(1000oC1h)<%: 1
  • Fe2O3: 5
  • CaO: 50
Lutetium Oxide
  • TREO>%: 99
  • Lu2O3/REO>%: 99.999
  • L.O.I(1000℃1h)<%: 1
  • Particle size(μm): 2-3
  • Fe2O3: 2
Yttrium Oxide
  • TREO>%: 99
  • Y2O3/REO>%: 99.999
  • L.O.I(1000℃1h)<%: 1
  • Particle size(μm): 3.8±0.2
  • Fe2O3: 2
Scandium Oxide
  • TREO>%: 99
  • Sc2O3/REO>%: 99.999
  • L.O.I(1000℃1h)<%: 1
  • Fe2O3: 5
  • CaO: 10
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